I am NOT a Christian because…

the-truth-520x3504.jpgOf a religious experience. I am NOT a Christian because my parents are. I am NOT a Christian because it works for me. As a matter of fact, there are days when being a Christian does NOT work. I AM a Christian because I am convinced Christianity is objectively TRUE!!  By objectively true, I mean that it is true in real space and real time regardless of anyone’s opinion. Furthermore, my conviction is based upon knowledge and not faith. Allow me to explain but first I must define a few terms.  By knowledge I mean, true belief(s) based upon adequate reason(s). I can know that George Washington was the first president of the United States. We have historical data and many writings that back up this claim.

A belief is a concept  taken to be true between 51%-100% certainty. We do not have to reach a degree of 100% certainty in order for a belief to be considered knowledge.  As a matter of fact, 100% certainty eludes us on almost everything we claim to know but that is OK.

I have spent the last 10 years or so thinking carefully about Christianity. I want to pursue truth wherever that may lead me. The evidence led me to where I am today.  To follow Christianity, is not to lay one’s own intellect to the side. Faith and knowledge are not mutually exclusive concepts.

So how do I know that Christianity is true? Simple, it best explains the world as we know it to be. It gives the best answers to the questions that mankind has been asking for centuries.(Where did we come from? What is the meaning of life? Does objective morality exist? What happens after we die?) In later blog posts, I will dive into these questions thoroughly. So stay tuned and please, join the conversation! Thanks


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